How to Make Your Hair Texture Work for You

June 20, 2014 9:20 pm - Published by Kim Cohen

How-to-Make-Your-Hair-Texture-Work-for-YouIf you’ve been suffering from The Grass is Always Greener syndrome when it comes to your hair texture, rest assured that every hair type comes with its own unique set of challenges. With the right cut, style, and haircare techniques, you can rock your hair texture, no matter what it is. Whether you’ve got a mass of course curls or limp spaghetti strands, we’ll help you love what you’ve got.

Course, Thick Hair

If you’ve got dry, dull hair that looks like straw, it’s all about hydration. You’ve got to keep your locks ultra-moisturized to keep it healthy and prevent breakage. You also have to learn how to cut and style this hair texture for the best possible look.

Cut – With course hair, the trick to getting a great cut is to avoid excessive layering. The shorter the layers, the bigger your hair is going to look, so if you layer, keep them longer and sparse.

Style – Use a large, round hairbrush when blow drying your hair. Work from the top to the bottom to eliminate excessive volume. As an added benefit, this method keeps the cuticle shut, which makes your hair look shiny and healthy.

Management – The biggest challenge with this type of hair is that the cuticle oftentimes lays open, leading to it drying out quickly. Keep your tresses hydrated with moisture rich shampoo and conditioner. You should also try to keep washing to a minimum, using dry shampoo on the days in between if you need oil control assistance.


Baby Fine Hair

Boost the volume in baby fine locks by learning how to cut, style, and care for it in ways that give extra body and fight flatness.

Cut – Short is chic. When you have fine hair, the sad fact is that longer will always mean limper. Ask your stylist about adding in some shaggy texture to boost volume even further, and well as to achieve better movement.

Style – Get curl power. Adding in some springy spirals with a small barrel curling iron will add some oomph and give the illusion that hair is thicker and fuller.

Management – You might believe that daily washing is necessary to keep your hair from getting stringy and limp from excessive oil buildup. In truth, over-washing encourages your hair to produce more oil, making the problem worse. Try cutting down to two or three washes a week, and use dry shampoo in. The dry shampoo has a nice side benefit of adding volume, too.


Curly Locks

What is it about curly hair? So many people without curls would die to have them, while almost everyone born with them considers them a curse! If you’ve got ‘em, here’s how to make them work for you.

Cut – If you’ve heard that curls shouldn’t be cut short, you might want to reconsider. Short cuts specifically tailored for curly hair can be both sweet and sexy, so don’t be afraid of losing your length. If you’ve stuck with longer styles for years, you can explore a whole new look.

Style – Hands off! It’s tempting to tug and tease your tendrils with your fingertips, but the more you touch them, the more frizz you’ll be contending with. This is especially true when your hair is air drying, so try to minimize playing with it after you’ve applied product and have arranged it the way you want it to dry.

Management – Curly hair needs moisturizing TLC to stay healthy and strong. Always use hydrating shampoos and conditioners, and limit the amount of times you shower each week. Take a hairbrush in the shower to ensure even distribution of conditioner from roots to tips. A weekly deep conditioning hair mask will also help.


Straight and Lifeless

Believe it or not, your limp and lifeless locks offer limitless possibilities! Most people with this hair type assume that it is the most difficult, but it’s actually very easy to work with. This versatile texture is totally conquerable with a little bit of know-how.

Cut – Tell your stylist you’d like lots and lots of layers, please. You might want to ask about teasing in texture for a choppy cut that will give the illusion of more volume and easy movement.

Style –Hang your head upside down when you blow dry. Use a large, flat brush from the roots to the tips. This will give you amazing volume from the root up, so when you flip your head right side up, it will have doubled in size.

Management –There’s a secret weapon for managing straight, limp hair. Believe it or not, coloring your hair will work wonders for your texture. Aside from the fun of trying out a new hue, it will add body and the illusion of more volume


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