How to Make Your Blowout Last

June 28, 2014 9:19 pm - Published by Kim Cohen

How-to-Make-Your-Blowout-LastEveryone loves the way their hair looks and feels after a professional blowout. Try as we might to duplicate the results at home, it is just never quite the same as what the pros accomplish in the salon. But unless you’re rich and famous, chances are high that getting a professional blowout is an occasional treat, not a regular occurrence. We get to enjoy it for a day, then we shower the next morning and it is all over until the next time we get to indulge.

You might not be able to afford regular blowouts, but there’s no reason that you shouldn’t milk as many days of great looking hair out of them as possible! With these expert tips, you can enjoy the benefits of your next blowout for anywhere from four days to an entire week. It’s not quite the same as having your own personal stylist come to the house each morning, but it’s pretty close!

The Blowout Protection Arsenal

This arsenal of secret weapons will keep your blowout looking sleek and fresh for days. These are the keys to protecting the look you love for as long as possible. You may already have many of these things on hand, but you’ll probably need to make a shopping trip for at least a few of the items. Gather them up before you head to the salon to avoid last minute panic when you realize you don’t have a critical component on hand.

  • Scrunchy
  • Bandana
  • Pillow with a satin pillowcase
  • Large Velcro curlers
  • Curling iron
  • Shine enhancing spray
  • Dry shampoo

Sleep Savvy

Most blowouts die in bed. You need your beauty sleep, but your blowout needs special TLC while you snooze. You’ve probably figured out that you need to tie your hair up to avoid a tangled mess in the morning, but regular elastic hair ties will do more harm than good. They’ll cause stress and breakage to your hair as you toss and turn, as well as unnatural looking pressure creases in your hair. Instead, use a soft fabric scrunchy to make a loose bun, positioned high on your head. Leave out the strands of hair that frame your face, or they might not fall correctly the next day. You’ll also want to ditch your regular pillowcase in favor of a satin one. It will keep your hair from getting fuzzy and frizzy.

Shower Power

You’ve got to keep your hair dry while you shower, or your blowout is done for. Try one of the following techniques for hair that will look just as good after your shower as it did before.

Wrap your hair around large Velcro curlers and then cover it all up with a shower cap. When you get out of the shower, your blowout will have a major boost in volume. If you want to keep the sleek look without the extra, just tie a bandana around your hairline for a bit of extra protection, put on the shower cap, and hop in!


Hair CPR: Revive Your Blowout

Every day after your initial blowout, you will face a new challenge to keep it looking fresh and alive. This outline of the common problems faced on each day, along with a simple solution, is hair CPR. Every day you’ll wake up thinking your blowout has reached the end of its life, only to find that you can revive it in no time flat.

On the first day after your blowout, all you’re going to need is a little help achieving volume, along with some light control. A side part will pump up your tresses, and a very light hairspray will make your ends behave. The second day, you can remedy limp hair by creating loose waves with a medium sized barrel curling iron, or give your hair a mega boost with a serious shine spray. On days three and four, your biggest challenge will begin to be greasiness. Yes, it has been awhile since you washed your hair! Combat greasy roots with a high quality dry shampoo, and you’ll look freshly showered in no time. If you really want to push it, see if you can extend your blowout into day 5, 6, and even 7 by rocking a variety of updos, braids, buns, and ponies. Many of these styles actually work best with hair that isn’t clean, so you’ll probably get at least a day or two out of them.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and at some point between days four and seven, your hair will have had enough. You’ll know the time has come to let your blowout go, because suddenly, none of the tricks you just learned will make your hair look fantastic anymore. Enjoy it while it lasts, along with the satisfaction that you’ve considerably extended the life of your blowout.

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