How to Get the Right Highlights

July 5, 2014 9:19 pm - Published by Kim Cohen

How-to-Get-the-Right-HighlightsHighlights are one of the hottest hair trends out there, but only when they’re done right. To make sure you’re getting the perfect highlights for your skin tone and preferences, talk to a stylist who has made the latest highlighting trends their specialty. They’ll be able to walk you through the multitude of looks that can be achieved with different highlighting products and techniques.

Fun in the Sun Natural Looking Highlights

One of the most popular options in highlights right now are those of the natural variety. These warm, golden-hued highlights have replaced the ashy tones that were many women’s preference for so long. This beachy blonde highlight is reminiscent of the gradient coloring of children’s hair after they’ve spent a summer playing outside. It looks much more natural and subtle than the root to tip highlights that used to be the norm. If you want to look like you got your highlights on the beach, rather than at the salon, tell your colorist that this is the look you’re hoping to achieve, and they should be able to tell you the best way of achieving it.

Every Kind of Ombre

Ombre highlighting opens up a world of options for women of every age and style preference. If you’re not familiar with the term, it simply means different shades of the same color that fade one into the next. It is so popular right now, you’ve no doubt seen it on everything from throw pillows to clothing, as well as in hair. In its most dramatic form, ombre hair coloring looks a lot like dip-dyeing. The dip-dyed look is an excellent option for those who like to experiment with over the top looks, but don’t rule out ombre if you prefer something more understated! Ombre can also be soft and oh so subtle. In fact, it is so subtle that you’ve probably seen it countless times without realizing what it was. It’s all about technique. In the subtler versions, ombre looks more like strong shadowing. Check out Kim Kardashian or Scarlett Johansson’s hair for examples of what this type of ombre highlighting looks like.


Short Hair and Highlights

Highlights look fantastic on hair of any length, but they can have a special effect on shorter styles. When you add highlights to a short ‘do, they can add height and dimension, making a powerful impact. If your hair is short, consider doing an all-over color, then getting highlights that add contrast and interest. If you’ve got the right skin tone, reddish highlights from the ginger family can be a refreshing and beautiful twist on the old standby highlights.

Consider a Rinse or Glaze

Did you know that highlights can do more for your hair than simply adding in lighter pieces? Ask your colorist about the rinses and glazes they use, and what they love about them. The most recent generations of rinses and glazes can add a high gloss shine to your hair, making it look healthier and stronger, along with playing up warm tones. And who doesn’t want hair that looks strong, shiny, and healthy?

Colorists Go Freestyle

A trending technique in highlights is freehand application. The freehand technique consists of backcombing highlights into hair to achieve the ombre look mentioned above. One of the best things about this technique is that the results are always unique, ensuring that you’ll never have a cookie cutter look. Not only will they vary depending upon how your stylist goes about applying them, they will also look considerably different on people with different hair textures and densities. If you have uber-straight hair, it will beautifully showcase the most subtle and diffused ombres. If you have curly hair, you can play it up and go for boldly color blocked styles if that’s your preference.

Don’t Forget to Touch It Up!

You don’t have to touch up highlights nearly as often as you do regular dye jobs, which is great news for both your schedule and your budget! In order to keep your highlights looking their best, you’ll want to head to the salon after a few months for some root work. Having subtle highlights added to the roots can help downplay the contrast between light and dark as your hair grows out, keeping you look soft and natural.

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