Beach hair ideas

August 26, 2014 9:16 pm - Published by Kim Cohen
Celebrity Beach Hair
No matter where your summer plans are taking you, there is a celebrity beach hair look that is right for the occasion. Get perfectly tousled tresses that will see you through everything from camping trips to a night on the town.

Dance the Night Away
A new twist on an 80’s throwback. Section off a thick piece of hair on one side of your face to create a dramatic curtain bang. Pull the rest into a low-slung pony at the nape of your neck. Voila! Instant dance party style.

Wedded Bliss
Is an outdoor wedding in your future? Create a sweetly updated victory roll. Use a curling iron to create this easygoing classic that is always elegant.

Turn Up the Heat and Your Next Cookout
When you want something slightly sexy, but super casual, try an oversized headband braid. The best thing about this style is that it looks as fantastic messy as it does sleek and tidy. Do it up any which way for a practical style for your next barbecue.

Dinner on the Town
Usually, summer styles are super casual. A little bit beachy, a little bit messy, and always easy. This look fits the bill for those times when you want easy, but messy just won’t do. Keep your hair sleek, shiny, and free of summertime frizz by using a combination of dry oil, leave-in conditioner, or heat protectant spray, then top it off with an anti-humidity hairspray.

  Happy Hour
It’s five o’clock somewhere, but whatever time you’ve scheduled your cocktail date, a sexy French twist is just right. Let a few of the shorter wisps fall out for just the right amount of no-fuss, no-muss softness.

Happy Camper
If you’re the type of girl who prefers hiking, fishing, and sleeping under the stars, this is the perfect style for your adventures. While you’re still in civilization, put your hair in a milkmaid braid. Make it nice and tight, and you can sleep on it at least once, possibly twice. It will look even cuter the next day!

Like Riding a Bike
If your favorite set of wheels is human-powered, a low ponytail is your hair’s best friend. Spiff it up with a cute clip or hair accessory while keeping it simple.

Picnic Blanket
Spending the day on a picnic blanket in the park? Get ready for your romantic rendezvous by arranging wet hair into several braids of different sizes. Sleep on it or let it dry for a few hours, then unwind the braids for beautiful waves.

Get the wet look by combing coconut oil through your hair, and pulling it back with a headband. Bonus? The oil will protect your hair from chlorine damage.

Better than a boring top knot, you can still keep your cool by keeping hair off your next. It’s perfect for sunny summer days spent exploring new places.

Your BFF is the Bachelorette
So of course you planned a wild weekend for her! You’ll be too busy having fun for complicated hairstyles. Try the twice teased pony for ease and a great look. Tease the crown for volume, then smooth hair back into a low-slung pony. Once it is secured, tease the pony for a little bit of poof. It’s that easy.

Road Trippin’
Hit the open road and don’t give your hair a second thought. A French braid that gets wind-blown during your travels will look just as fantastic at a roadside tourist trap in New Mexico as it will in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

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