Bad Hair Habits Many Women Have

September 1, 2014 9:15 pm - Published by Kim Cohen

Bad-Hair-Habits-Many-Women-HaveWe all have bad hair habits, but do you even know which crimes against your hair you’re committing on a daily basis? While you’re probably aware that some of your habits are less than stellar for your hair’s health, there are probably many others that are so small and subtle, you aren’t even aware that they’re an issue. We’ve rounded up the top six offenders that may be slowly destroying your hair.

Bad Hair Habit #1 Tying Your Hair in the Same Place

Elastic hair ties are like tiny miracles on bad hair days, but regular use can cause problems unless you’re switching up the placement. When your bun, top knot, or pony is exactly the same day after day, the elastic rubs and pulls at hair, causing stress damage that can lead to breakage and rough texture. You don’t have to ditch them, switch things up so the same small area of hair isn’t under constant strain.

Bad Hair Habit #2 Too Much Shampoo

When it comes to shampoo, most women seem to believe that more is better. In fact, almost all of us use far too much. Over shampooing your hair can lead to excessive dryness, and if you’re prone to oiliness, it will actually encourage your scalp to produce even more in order to make up for what you are stripping away. Not only that, but if you color your hair, you’ll fade your color faster. If you have short to medium length hair, you probably only need a dime to nickel sized amount. If your hair is very long and think, use no more than a quarter sized dab. Wash twice. It might seem ridiculous to wash your hair twice after you’ve just been told to minimize the amount of shampoo you use, but in the long run, this process actually cuts down on the amount of washing your hair receives. The first wash will remove excessive oil, dirt, and product residue. The second wash cleans and preps your hair to be able to go longer in between shampoos, which can greatly reduce the amount of exposure your hair has to both shampoo and the dryness that can result from too much time spent in hot water. After the second shampoo, use a small towel to gently remove excess water from your hair before you apply conditioner. This will ensure that your conditioner doesn’t get watered down, so your hair will receive the full effect of its benefits.


Bad Hair Habit #3 Playing Rough

If towel drying your hair looks like an act of aggression, it’s time to find a new outlet for your stress. Roughing up your hair causes all kinds of damage. Handle your hair with the same sort of gentleness that you would use with your favorite hand-wash only delicates. Just wrap the towel around your head and allow it to absorb excess water, or give it a gentle pat and squeeze.

Bad Hair Habit #4 Out of the Shower and Into a Towel Turban

Most of us wrap our hair up in a towel, turban-style, the minute we’re done showering. We keep our hair wrapped up while we dress and do our makeup, then take it down to style. The only problem with this is that as our hair dries out, it gets harder to distribute hair product evenly. There’s an easy solution, though. Just smooth in product as soon as you’re done showering, then wrap it up in a towel and proceed as usual.

Bad Hair Habit #5 The Upside Down Dangling Blow Dry

You’re probably in shock about this one! Even your stylist may have told you to blow dry your hair upside down to get a volume boost. Everyone does it. And yes, it really does add volume, but it also has the unwanted side effect of adding frizz. If you want to give your hair a body boost while blow drying without contending with frizz, go vertical. Stand up straight, and use a big brush to gently pull hair up and away from the scalp while you blow it dry. This will give you plenty of volume at the crown of your head, which is exactly where you want it, and it is much easier on your hair.

Bad Hair Habit #6 Brushing Is Reserved for Styling Time

If the only time your hair comes in contact with your brush is during styling, you’re probably under brushing. Brushing out your hair before you hop in the shower will remove tangles and smooth the surface, priming it for the best possible cleaning. While you’re at it, take the brush into the shower with you. When you apply conditioner, brush it through for even distribution, which will ensure that every strand gets the coverage it needs.

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